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Found And Lost

My arm inadvertently brushed against my right breast, and I paused, hot water cascading over me. Nervous¬†fingers confirmed the marble-sized lump. Then: negative mammogram diagnosis: benign relief but? lump uneasy feeling second opinion biopsy CANCER surgery chemotherapy radiation (and thankfully) LIFE — photo credit: bfraz via photopin cc

Routine Tests

I sat in the waiting room, book open, staring at the words but not seeing them, my mind racing. Several other women, all well beyond my 34 years, also waited in the room with powder blue carpet and swirly-patterned chairs that weren’t all that comfortable. A woman with short gray hair busied herself knitting a […]

The Red Death

I worked in research in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, so of course I believe in the power of modern medicine. Some drugs prove more challenging than others, it’s true. In particular, drugs for psychiatric illnesses are notoriously difficult to administer successfully since the doses vary so greatly from person to person and even […]


A death threat: cancer. I cry. Don’t take me from my baby, my husband. Determined to live, I fight. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. Finally finished, bald as a new babe, I am reborn: cancer-free. ___ I’m doing the trifextra challenge this week from the folks at Trifecta. 33 words about a new beginning. Go check it […]

The Green Bag

The cabinet underneath my bathroom sink contains a green bag lodged somewhere near the back. It’s been there for more than 14 years, although not always under the same exact sink. We’ve moved twice during that time, but the bag always comes with me and takes up residence under the new sink. I forget about […]

Every Day Is Thanksgiving

Every day is Thanksgiving for me. Every day is an excuse to celebrate. Maybe that wasn’t always true, but ever since I survived¬†breast cancer more than 14 years ago, I am thankful for each day that might have been stolen from me. I am thankful for my family, my health, my friends. I am thankful […]