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[Image: Page 1 of The Shining by Stephen King. Most of the text has been covered with black rectangles. The remainder reads: speed seems comforting bring a red carnation perhaps for the local undertaker the circumstances ask a question “I’m sorry?”] ___ This is an erasure poem. Here is the original text:

How to Survive a Bomb Cyclone

Google “bomb cyclone.” Always be aware of what you’re dealing with when a new-to-you type of weather threatens. From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: A bomb cyclone occurs when a weather system’s atmospheric pressure drops incredibly rapidly, causing it to quickly increase in strength and whipping up hurricane-level winds and often heavy snow over […]

Sugar and Spice

We were playing hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of my house, Sally and me, when a van painted with cupcakes and a slogan that said “Best Cupcakes in the World” slowed to a stop next to us. The window rolled down, and a man with dark hair and a broad mustache smiled and asked, […]

White Christmas

The wind gusts and something skitters across the buried trail: a leaf. My boots sink into the snow with each step, challenging my ability to walk. An enchanting wonderland surrounds me, but I’d rather be warm. Shivering, I wonder if I will ever feel warm. I dream of spring, when the trees will finally leaf. […]

Gilded Somnambulation

She walks at night, warm, embraced by gold leaf. The gold leaf reflects her light as she walks. Like fire, wealth is warm. She grew up warm, in a tower, blanketed in gold leaf, yet she’d rather leave a legacy of kindness, so away she walks. She walks among the underprivileged, her soul warm, before […]

Stitch Fix #39 Review

I’ve still been receiving fixes every month only you haven’t seen the last 15 because I’ve been in a funk. I blame Trump. I mean, who can think about reviewing clothes when everything is going to shit? But then the two friends that actually read these reviews said they missed them and I figured maybe […]

Half of Whole30

I am halfway through my first Whole30 cleanse and I haven’t killed anyone yet, which is remarkable given the extent of my sacrifice. I mean, who in their right mind would give up alcohol, sugar (real or artificial), dairy, grains, and legumes all at the same time for an entire month? Exactly. My yoga teacher […]