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Stitch Fix #39 Review

I’ve still been receiving fixes every month only you haven’t seen the last 15 because I’ve been in a funk. I blame Trump. I mean, who can think about reviewing clothes when everything is going to shit? But then the two friends that actually read these reviews said they missed them and I figured maybe […]

Half of Whole30

I am halfway through my first Whole30 cleanse and I haven’t killed anyone yet, which is remarkable given the extent of my sacrifice. I mean, who in their right mind would give up alcohol, sugar (real or artificial), dairy, grains, and legumes all at the same time for an entire month? Exactly. My yoga teacher […]

Stitch Fix Review #21: April 2016

“Oh, snow is me!” ::places back of hand on forehead:: Ironically, Mother Nature delivered fiveĀ inches of snow on the exact day my first SPRING FIX arrived. I know. It’s so unfair. I’d been holding off and holding off, still requesting long sleeves and sweaters all through March (because, Boston) before biting the bullet and requesting […]